Most people follow the traditional way of going about their lives- obtain a 4-year degree, get a 9-5, and proceed to work away until retirement. However, more and more people today are considering moving away from this tried and tested method. Today, we discuss ways to dig deeper and discover what kind of lifestyle suits you, and what action steps you can take in order to fulfill that desire.

First, start out by imagining your ideal lifestyle. Is it a life consisting of a steady job that offers ample opportunity to move up? Or is it a lifestyle that allows you more flexibility to do things you enjoy, such as travel or being near loved ones? Although it may be uneasy to choose over the other, you must identify your vision, and then work backward. Try to find your why, and try to not be self-critical. It is okay to prioritize money over flexibility, and vice versa.

If you having difficulty in pinning down the answer to this question, ask yourself what, if anything, is lacking from your current lifestyle. This may be an easier starting point for those who may be on the fence when trying to choose one lifestyle over another.

It is equally important to set boundaries, in terms of what you’re willing to give up to have that ideal lifestyle. If your current lifestyle is filled with very little free time due to a demanding work schedule, and you now are seeking a flexible job, this may be a limiting factor if you also have aspirations to enter the medical field, which is known for hectic schedules. Make a decision on what you are willing to give up in order to attain the lifestyle you yearn for.

Your next step is to research the job market and identify the types of organizations that you would be a good fit for and vice versa. Alternately, if the previous questions led to self-employment as your ideal lifestyle, then research self-employment in the particular niche that you have an active interest in. 

Although making this great a shift in your career may be a burdensome task, it is important to live a lifestyle where you don’t harbor regrets down the road. The best way to prevent this from happening is by shaping your lifestyle into one that is in line with your value system.