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Stunning Painted Brick Houses

Are you thinking of giving your brick house a new coat of paint? You could very well be onto something here! Brick is a time-honored material for the exterior of homes and provides exceptional defense against dust, snow, and other… Continue Reading →

Why Mindful Eating is Key to Emotional Wellness

Have you ever thought about how often you make decisions about your food and how much time you spend eating every day? Because food is such a large part of your day, why not pay attention to it more when… Continue Reading →

How Often Do I Need A Facial

Your skin is a beautiful thing – a living organ, with cells that regenerate every 30 days or so. New cells to the surface and flatten to form the top layer of the epidermis, while older cells are constantly being… Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Daily Moisturizing

Many of us tend to forget about one of the most important beauty things in these busy days – moisturizing. Of course, the only thing we want after a long day is just to fall into bed and relax. Although,… Continue Reading →

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What Kind of Lifestyle Suits You

Most people follow the traditional way of going about their lives- obtain a 4-year degree, get a 9-5, and proceed to work away until retirement. However, more and more people today are considering moving away from this tried and tested… Continue Reading →

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