Many of us tend to forget about one of the most important beauty things in these busy days – moisturizing. Of course, the only thing we want after a long day is just to fall into bed and relax. Although, we need to keep in mind that our skin only can start relaxing when it is freed from every makeup and dirt and is ready to fresh.

Benefits of moisturizer

First of all, in order to maximize the effect of the moisturizer, it is important to find the adequate one that fits your skin type. In this case, the results will speak for themselves. To start with, a suitable moisturizer protects sensitive skin, improves skin tone, and masks imperfections just like preventing and treating dry skin. Moreover, it is capable of holding water in the outer layer of the skin hence acting as a protecting barrier for the skin. In addition, it basically protects the skin from different kinds of external impacts, such as harmful UV exposure and sun, wind, and pollution.

Another key benefit we must mention is that a good moisturizer can help your skin maintain balance and avoid developing extreme dryness or oiliness which can not only be harmful but also cause skin condition problems, like acne or pimples. The best way is to apply it with massaging movements in order to stimulate blood circulation and new cell generation thus slowing down and delaying aging.

When and how to use a moisturizer

Sometimes it can be confusing to decide when and what order to use skincare products. First and foremost, the best occasion to moisturize is right after a bath, shave or exfoliating as hot water strips the moisture and oils out of the skin – especially when combined – with further irritation, it all leaves your skin dry and parched. On the other hand, the moisturizer penetrates into the skin surface properly and the most when the skin is still moist.

Above all, a moisturizer should be the final product to use after a cleanse even on body or face and it can be a great base for makeup as well.

How to find the best moisturizer

It is quite hard to find the perfect moisturizer in the endless range of products these days as not all of them is good for your skin and there are huge differences in quality too. Therefore, it is worth choosing one that contains plenty of crucial vitamins like Vitamin A, B5, C and E and has SPF to protect your skin throughout the day. You should also keep in mind the needs of your skin type – NORMAL SKIN loves water-based products, DRY SKIN craves for oil-based ones, and OILY SKIN needs light moisturizers while SENSITIVE SKIN can be treated with one containing a soothing ingredient like aloe vera. Finally, the best choice for MATURE SKIN is an oil-based cream with anti-aging antioxidants.

In order to have flawless, glowing skin, don’t hesitate to seek for the perfect moisturizer and implement it into your daily skincare routine!

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